Q: Can I buy a new car online?

A: You can 100% buy your next car 100% online. Get instant upfront pricing on all our
vehicles. You can shop and apply from the comfort of your home — without ever having to
visit our dealership. We even offer home delivery with 25 miles.

Q: How does leasing differ from financing?

A: Leasing differs from financing in a few ways. There’s a down payment involved, but it’s less
than what you’d put down when you finance. You may even benefit from lower monthly
payments. The Genesis lease is for a few years, so you’ll have time to think about the next

Q: What is the 5-5-5 Used Vehicle Protection Plan?

A: It’s possible to have a change of heart when you make a purchase. This is also possible when
you buy a car. But when you buy one from us, you have five days with the vehicle to change
your mind, and easily swap it out for something else in our inventory.

Q: What is Internet Direct Pricing?

A: When you’re on the hunt for the right used car, you’ll want the best value! We verify our used
cars with more than 20,000 different automotive websites. It’s our way of ensuring that we’re
offering you the best value for your used car!

Q: Where can I order parts of my Genesis?

A: It’s simple. Go to our online Order Parts Store and fill out our contact form with